Tiptoe Through the Tulips

<This post was written in March of 2012 and was stuffed in my “Drafts” folder.  I decided to go ahead and publish!>

I’m just a beast when it comes to filling the blog here, huh?  Well, let’s just say I got medically waylayed (or pay slayed, however you want to phrase a hospital stay & subsequent charges).  My writing has been limited to my signature on receipts or letters.  So anyway, why now?

My fabulous friend, Lara Joseph (Diary of an Owl Trainer here on WordPress) just posted something about how funny owls look when they stand up straight.  Way up.  She states, ” I love it when they do that because owls have such long legs and the bigger owls remind me of old women lifting up their dresses to walk through the tulips.”  And so the name of today’s entry.  I want to lift my pantaloons and run through the tulips!  WHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

As with much of the country, I’m wagering you had three seasons: Summer, Fall and Not Winter.  Now that Spring is official regarding the soltice and not actual weather, the blooming is about a month ahead of time.  The songbirds are turning up the stereo at about 5 a.m. and running nonstop til dusk.  Yesterday I watched a male boat-tailed grackle try to get the attention of the female who kept casually hopping from branch to branch. She finally flew to another tree.  “I DON’T WANT YOUR PHONE NUMBER!!” is my guess at the last statement before she flew off.  He, by the way, was not deterred and like a crazed teenager, went flying off after her. “PPPPPPPLEAAAAAAASE CAN WE GO TO PROM?”

There is a gang of sparrows who’ve hung out all winter at my workplace and I call them the SPANG, which is just short for Sparrow Gang.  They managed to set off alarms on the AC units last week.  The monitoring company called a trustee who came right over and had a good chuckle over the culprits.  I can only imagine him trying to explain it to the company when he returned home.  Love my Spang, though.  They’ve kept things humorous this winter including driving the local Cooper’s hawk nuts while hiding in one of our dense shrubs.

Right now I am breathless both in the beauty of Spring and in recovering from the hospital stay.  Spring surely is the reminder to stop and catch your breath.  Even if that reminder comes to if you’re prone to allergies.  We are forced to acknowledge new life has begun again.


Ewe Nears Weave

Baa hahahaha!    A sheep, weary of her “wooly” look, not to mention the jokes, thinks about starting her year by getting a weave.  Sounds just as good as any other resolution joke I’ve heard.  Then again, I made it up myself so…..  yea.

I have no idea why I am on this page, when I simply was signing up to follow a friend’s blog as she sets out to train her first owl.  (how many owls have you trained?)  I was registering to comment on her blog and suddenly I am sucked into a vortex of, well, THIS.  Can I even say the words?   I salved a hog.  Nope.  Iiiiiiiiiiiii had some nog.  Nope.  I sawed a log.  Nope.

I don’t think I can say it.  So, “Hey I have this online page where I put my thoughts.”   Or HITOPWIPMYT

Okay, Okay.  I have a <choke> BLOG.


Trust me, I don’t deem my thoughts worthy of anyone’s attention.  And, as a good friend of mine put it, blogging is somewhat of a narcissistic pursuit.  Whether I add to this or not remains to be seen.

Does anyone know who does sheep weaves? 😉